Policies and Procedures
    Scope of Practice I am soley able to provide services within my scope of training in craniosacral therapy, therapeutic/medical massage, kineseotaping, reiki, thai massage and reflexology. If I am unable to provide the service you need, I am happy to refer you to the another practitioner.

    Client Comfort and Expectations I practice informed consent in all of my treatments. Your scheduled time is yours. I am there to support you with your needs and healing goals. Before our session, we will have a discussion abuot your goals and expectations. I will explain everything I would suggest we do to achieve your goals for your treatment time and ask for your input. I ask for your agreement before your session and if anything I am doing does not fit your goal, I encourage you to let me know right away. Please feel free to contribute to the direction of our session. If there are areas want to have more or less attention, need me to change the amount of pressure I am using to more or less, please let me know at any time during the session. Your feedback is essential to ensuring you receive the most benefit from our time together. If a treatment is limited in time, we may need to discuss priorities if there is an area of concern. In a 1 hour massage session, we often will not be able to complete a full-body massage when you have 1 or more specific areas needing therapeutic attention, depending on the case. If you feel you need a full-body massage in addition to therapeutic, muscle specific work, I suggest a 90 minute treatment to ensure you get what you need from your session.

    Confidentiality Your privacy and confidentiality will be upheld at all times. Except for the case of a court subpoena, or records request signed off by you, all records and communication regarding treatments is strictly confidential.

    Privacy and Draping Policies Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Pressotherapy and Thai massage will be fully clothed sessions, so please make sure to dress comfortably with as little constriction as possible for these treatments. Long pants are recommended for pressotherapy. It is beneficial for massage treatments to have clients disrobe completely. You may choose not to disrobe completely for your massage which is entirely at your own discretion. During treatment, I will only uncover the area being worked and the rest will be covered with linens. It is my policy to always cover all areas not being worked with the exception of lomi lomi or abhayanga massage. During these treatments you will be minimally draped as the treatment includes long connecting full-body strokes to balance the body, mind and spirit. It is my policy to cover the breast area while working with the abdomen and during lomi or abhayanga massage. You may request no breast drape for your comfort, however please note that all touch is purely therapeutic and non-sexual. Clients may not request at any time for any reason that the genital area be exposed. This is outside my level of comfort and training regardless of the intent. Your privacy and modesty are always respected.

    Fees, Cancellations, and Late Policy
    - Payment is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements are made ahead of time. I accept cash and credit cards. Cash is always preferred.
    - Gratuities are not expected but accepted with deep gratitude. I feel I am worth what I charge. I do not wish for my clients to feel obligated to tip. If this is something you like to do, I appreciate it very much.
    - If I must cancel a session, I will give you 24 hours notice. I will help you find another qualified therapist, or offer to reschedule our appointment at my earliest convenience. If I must cancel within a 24 hour period, you will receive $25 off your next session.
    - If you must cancel an appointment, I require 24 hours advance notice. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee within 24 hours, and the full rate of the service for no shows (except in cases of emergency). In the event of inclement weather with dangerous road conditions, I require 2 hours notice to cancel outside of a 5 mile radius in proximity to my office. If you are within 5 miles, the 24 hour cancellation policy still applies so please try to keep aprised of weather conditions if you think this would be an issue for you.
    - If you are late to a session, I will do my best to accommodate and fit in a full session. However, it is important to me to respect the time of all clients, and so if I am booked after your session, I may not be able to complete a full session. Late clients are charged for the full session.

    Hygiene Please be courteous regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or scents as I and many of my clients are sensitive to chemicals and perfumes. I use only organic products and organic essential oils in my practice.

    Safety and Inappropriate Behavior The safety and comfort of both therapist and client are very important. Either can terminate the session at any time if uncomfortable for any reason.

    Intoxicant Policy: Alcohol and drugs can significantly reduce the benefits of therapy, and may even cause harm. Therefore, if you come to a session under the influence, I may refuse to offer my services, and you will be charged for the session.

    Sexual Misconduct: The body therapy I practice is therapeutic and is strictly non-sexual/sensual. There will be absolutely no contact with gentials, nipples or any bodily orifice with the exception of mouth work when indicated. Respect is always demostrated in all cases and clients are always welcome to communicate discomfort with any part of their treatment. Informed consent is always asked for in all sessions, and you will not be touched in any area we have not previously discussed. In most cases, groin work will not be performed in the first or second treatment without a prescription, but may be discussed after the client/therapist relationship and sense of trust has been established. In all cases, the leg will be properly draped (not loose) when doing groin, hip and psoas therapy. Inappropriate verbal or non-verbal sexual behavior will result in immediate termination of the session, and full payment will be due.

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